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What is tungsten carbide?

Tungsten Carbide is a kind of very hard and wear resistant material, produced from powder metal process. It is normally referred to as cemented carbide, hard metal, hard alloy etc. Tungsten carbide consists of hard phase (such as WC, TiC, TaC, VC and Cr3Cr2) and metal binding phase (such as Co, Ni and Fe, etc).

What affect the properties of tungsten carbide?

 There are four primary material characteristics: 1,the average grain size of the carbide phase, 2,the weight or volume percent of the binder alloy present, 3,the composition of the carbide phase, 4,the composition of the binder alloy. 

FAQs of Tungsten carbide

Why many steel or other metal product was replaced by tungsten carbide ?

Compared to steel, tungsten carbide products are more wear resistant and corrosion resistant. It will prolong the lifetime of the products or equipment.

How you can get a precise quotation from supplier?

Usually supplier need to know the shape, sizes, tolerance, material grade and quantity for calculating price of the products. Better if there're technical drawing. If you can provide more info like application, regular purchase plan, supplier will give you better quote.

What's the priority of tungsten carbide comparing to other metal?

Tungsten carbide combines the high hardness and good wear resistance of carbide phase and sufficient mechanical property and heat shock resistance of metal binding phase. So it's widely used in many different industries.

How to choose the correct grade of tungsten carbide?

Higher hardness comes with lower toughness. We cannot get the highest hardness together with the highest toughness. So the best choice is the best compromise of both.

What is key properties of tungsten carbide?

There are 3 important properties: density, hardness, toughness.