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 ARRIS--all rivers run into sea!

ATC focus to continue helping our customers as best as we can. Like all our customers, we make things, we need to make them well, and have dealt with the challenges of doing so. We dedicated to take on challenges you may be facing and build tungsten carbide products that fit your needs.

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You will meet staff who are professionally trained in the latest techniques. 

Your products will be made via devices which are the most advanced.

You will be provide service and dedication which cannot be surpassed.

"Arris tungsten carbide, a honest and professional provider of tungsten carbide pellets. I wanna say thank you for their support"                

                                                               ------Purchase manager, Nambikai, C F Industries

"We have a long term cooperation with ATC, for more than 5 years up til now. "

                                                             ------General manager, Mariusz Kot, PESTINOVA

"The quality of their ball and seat are superb, and the fast delivery makes our client happy with our service."

                                                                                 ------Co-owner, Kuznetsov Andrey, ZENON

"The company is very professional, so do their sales man. No matter what problem we have, they can provide suggestion for fixing it."
                 ------Owner, Lukasz Micharon, R T B International